About Me

Currently I serve as a Research Project Manager and Data Analyst for the Center for Pedagogy Arts & Design at Penn State. In this role, my responsibilities include identifying and executing research projects, in collaboration with faculty and staff; building psychometrically sound instruments for data collection, as necessary; obtaining, managing, transforming, and analyzing data, including sensitive data; collaborating with faculty on sponsored projects, such as proposal writing, research design, and evaluation; working collaboratively on diverse teams that may include other researchers, faculty members, learning designers, media developers, graduate students; and building and maintaining relationships with faculty and other stakeholders across the university. Recently I completed my PhD coursework where I worked as a Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant and Data Analyst. My past experiences and research interests in academia have led me to develop a variety of skills in quantitative research, including collecting, managing, transforming, analyzing, visualizing, and presenting on data. Through the Pitch Exploration Lab, I have served as a data analyst on multiple projects for publication and mentored both undergraduate and graduate students on quantitative research methodologies. Last December, I was fortunate enough to present at the College of Arts & Architecture’s All-College Celebration on behalf of PitchLab on a project that required me to collect, clean, analyze, visualize and communicate to an audience of non-statisticians in a way that is clear and convincing. In addition, I am completing an internship as a Data Analyst with the Center for Pedagogy in Arts and Design (CPAD). With CPAD, I am currently working with the Office of New Student Orientation to collect, clean, analyze, and present on data involving 7,000 respondents in the 2019 freshman class at University Park. This project required me to develop and implement a sampling strategy and conduct a variety of thematic analysis, natural language processing, and advanced statistical techniques to gain a better insight on students who attend new student orientations. Finally, my internship with CPAD has also provided me with the opportunity to work with the Center for Performing Arts on a Carnegie Mellon Grant and various other projects as a data analyst. Each of these opportunities have required extensive knowledge of statistical techniques, survey design, modeling, data visualization, and best practices in presenting to diverse audiences.

As an instructional designer, I have developed and taught courses while serving as both a graduate teaching assistant and student teaching supervisor throughout my tenure at Penn State. This past year, I was fortunate enough to be one of ten graduate students in the University to receive the Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award. The primary course for which I was recognized, was one that I developed, which focused on instructional technologies geared specifically towards future educators.

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